A One-of-a-Kind Love Story and Ring to Match!

July 09, 2021

A One-of-a-Kind Love Story and Ring to Match!

“I love your heart.” It’s honest, genuine and it captures Liv and Lucy’s story perfectly. Every engagement is unique, and I love that I get to be part of the special moment.


In The Beginning…

They met at the gym. Liv, who everyone knew, worked there, while Lucy did her best to blend in, and not be seen. A friendly group of class-goers, including Liv and Lucy, started hanging out for dinner, and drinks. Both women were both dating men at the time, and never thought it would be any other way. They became best friends, bonding over business ideas, movies, and travel adventures.


In November of 2016, Lucy invited Liv, whose family lives in Europe, to a “New England Thanksgiving" with her family. During that trip, things shifted, both realizing they had more-than-just-friends feelings. Caught off guard, Lucy recalls thinking, “did I have too many drinks, what is this feeling?” But she knew what she felt was real, so she professed to Liv, “I love your heart”.


Liv also remembers feeling ambiguous. “Lucy was a best friend, but didn't feel like a best friend.” She resisted initially, never imagining she’d fall in love with a woman, but her feelings were too intense to ignore. “It sounds woo-woo, but it felt like our souls merged” that trip. They’ve been together ever since.


Three years later, knowing they wanted to share their lives forever, the couple discussed getting engaged. “I always thought I’d be the one to propose” Liv explained, even though Lucy spent more time thinking about a wedding. Liv admitted she’d never thought much about the details, not even the ring.

“I always wanted to be proposed to” Lucy said, but the more she pondered it, she decided “I want to create that experience” for Liv. She started making plans to propose on their upcoming trip to Europe and started thinking about a ring.


Lucy knew Liv never wanted a traditional diamond engagement ring. Liv fondly remembers the ring her grandmother always wore, “It's blue and somewhat flat, and very old-fashioned, but something about that ring really spoke to me.”


Bringing Ideas to Life…

Liv and I met a few years ago through a mutual business connection. She recalls “I remember seeing a video Christine posted of a ring she designed for a client. I loved the non-traditional pattern and form. It was the first time I’d seen a ring I could imagine myself wearing for the rest of my life.” She sent the video to Lucy, who reached out to me.

Lucy remembers feeling nervous at first, but she loved the ring Liv sent and said "If she likes this, she has to have this." Right from the start, Lucy said, “I felt taken care of” by Christine. “I knew that you knew Liv, and that made me feel so excited that you were going to create this for her.”


Since Liv is blond, we decided to use gold, and a bright stone, to match her hair and skin. Lucy loved being part of the process, “It was so fun going back and forth, getting to choose the actual stone, and seeing it come to life. Every part of it was exciting.”


The plan was to propose in Europe, so the ring needed to be shipped to Liv’s mom ahead of time. I always try to make the experience as stress-free as possible, so I made all of the arrangements for shipping and customs, to put Lucy’s mind at ease. "I couldn't have felt safer and more excited throughout the whole journey. And then, to get the most beautiful ring in the world, that's just the cherry on top.”

The Proposal…


Lucy planned to propose at a beautiful villa overlooking Lake Como, Italy.  Despite the rain, and their jam-packed travel schedule, she stuck to her plan. Liv recalls Lucy persisting, "I want to take pictures. I want to dress cute. I want to just go for a day." Liv was not at all suspicious, “It's a very normal thing for us to go on adventures like this,” so off they went.


They climbed to a balcony overlooking the lake, where Lucy expressed her love, and how happy she was with Liv. Then, with Liv still unaware of what was about to happen, Lucy got down on one knee, and revealed the “most beautiful ring in the world”. Lucy said, "I just want to be with you forever, okay?"


The hazy moments that followed were filled with joy, but also questions. Liv remembers thinking, "How does she have a ring? How did she get that ring? What is happening? Oh my god!" She was overcome with emotion, tears, and an emphatic ‘yes’!


Why I Do What I Do…

Honestly, I can’t imagine anything more gratifying, than to be a part of a love story, and life-changing memories. Collaborating with my clients, hearing their stories, and incorporating their ideas with my design sense, has to be the perfect job ever. It doesn’t get any better than this!


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