Why I Think You Should Consider Proposing With a Stand-In Ring!

May 18, 2022

Why I Think You Should Consider Proposing With a Stand-In Ring!

Have you been dreaming of your forever love, proposing to you in the perfect way, with the perfect ring? Maybe you’re all about the element of surprise and over-the-top romantic gesture. Perhaps you’ve imagined the words “will you marry me”, flashing on the jumbo screen at your team’s home game. What about that moment, opening the velvet box, when you see that sparkly ring for the first time. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you squeeeel with delight, at the sight of THE absolute perfect ring...or not.


Maybe, with a twinge of disappointment, and guilt, you think “it’s just not me”. If this sounds familiar, just know you’re not alone. 60% of women report wishing they’d been included in the ring selection.


My own engagement, 20-years ago, was sweet and nostalgic. Having worked at a high-end jewelry store for many years, I told my boyfriend, who had already proposed to me once back in junior high, not to spend full retail price on a ring. When the time came, I made sure he knew that I wanted to design my own ring.


I remember the proposal day perfectly. The sun was shining in Old Town Alexandria, and I’d just gotten the keys to my very first storefront. The building was old but full of potential, and I was excited to transform the space into my dream retail shop! I dove in that very first day, enthusiastically cleaning, sweeping, and dusting away years of grime and soot.


That afternoon, having already planned the proposal, my boyfriend picked out the perfect, sterling silver and CZ ring, and paid $35 in cash. With my Dad’s permission and the ring in his pocket, he came to my new store. Up to my eyeballs in dust, he suggested, “take a break from cleaning and let’s get out for a little walk”. Not at all suspicious ;-), we walked to our neighborhood Lee Street park, only blocks from my shop. In the exact spot he’d proposed 30-years ago when we were in Junior High, he proposed again, this time with a “stand-in” ring and a bottle of champagne! It was beautiful, sentimental, and exactly what I’d asked for. Eventually, I got to design my own ring, but I still love and wear that $35 ring sometimes.


My proposal story might have been unique back then, but today, more-and-more women are choosing to be involved in the ring design experience. This is something they’re going to wear for the rest of their lives, so it makes perfect sense they want to have input. However, they still dream of a romantic proposal, with the element of surprise. So how do we create an experience that incorporates the best of both worlds, AND have a ring suitable for a lifetime?


Welcome to my Custom Engagement Ring Design Experience!


Thoughtfully packaged and risk-free, you can’t go wrong. Simply by taking the guesswork out of choosing the perfect ring, you can relax and focus on what’s important, the actual proposal.


Here’s how it works:


  • I provide you with a beautifully packaged “stand-in” ring, a bottle of champagne, and a box of artisan chocolates for your actual proposal.
  • After she says “yes”, we’ll schedule our first consultation (in person or virtual), to get to know one another. I’ll learn about your preferences, lifestyle, likes, and dislikes.
  • Together, we’ll design the perfect engagement and wedding rings. You’ll approve 3D renderings and have input every step of the way.
  • When the ring is complete, I will personally deliver it to you. We’ve come a long way by this point in this process, so I won’t trust this part to anyone else.



How amazingly perfect does this sound?


Are you thinking of proposing? Or, do you need me to drop a hint to your partner who’s ready to propose? Either way, I got you covered.


I’d love to help you pull off your own proposal experience and am excited to hear what you have in mind.


Contact me HERE to get started!